Tie Dye
kids' party

Tie Dye parties are the best kids parties!

Tie Dye your favourite items to enjoy!

Tie Dye Party Creations

Kids' Tie Dye parties are filled with colour and shine! Choose your favourite Tie Dye pattern, colours and items to Tie Dye and take home to enjoy! Tie Dye parties are best for children 8 years and older.

Tye Dye Parties

Tie Dye

Tie Dye Pillowcase

Tie Dye

Rainbow Bath Crystals


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Tie Dye
Tote Bags

Tie Dye Socks

Tie Dye

BYO Tie Dye


1.5 hour party

$42 per child

2 hour party

$54 per child

Self catered

Cater the food yourself

$38 per child - 1.5 hour party

$51 per child - 2 hour party


Tie Dye parties include

Party Structure

What would a 1.5 hour Fizz Kidz look like?

Party food menu

Party food included in package

Fairy bread platter – $25 (VV)
Fruit platter (watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries, apples) – $40
Watermelon platter – $20
Frankfurts – $25 (GF, contains Beef)
Hot potato wedges – $25 (VV) – GF available on request
Cheese / tomato sandwiches – $30 (VV)
Vegetarian combo sandwich platter (cheese/tomato, Vegemite/butter, cheese/butter)  – $30 (VV)
Vegetarian Quiches – $30 (V)
Activity Party Packs – $15 each

Would like to talk through allergy concerns? Feel free to call us on 03 9059 8144, we are very happy to chat!

Please also let us know if you require a vegetarian menu.
In this case you’re welcome to add any two items from the additional options (besides a fruit platter) to swap instead of the party pies/sausage rolls free of change.

Create your own parties

Does your child love a little bit of everything?

Not to worry, in this party package your welcome to choose any creation you like! Here you can choose any creation you like!

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