Our Policies

At Fizz Kidz we consider the health, safety and wellbeing of kids and young people to be our priority. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment that allows all children to participate and have fun in our parties and programs.


Fizz Kidz recruits staff that have had significant experience working with and caring for children. Each party or program is facilitated by a certified Fizz Kidz facilitator. Our team of Fizz Kidz hosts hold working with children checks and have agreed to the Fizz Kidz Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy. Fizz Kidz hosts are trained in using an epipen and taking appropriate steps if a Fizz Kidz child has an allergic reaction. Our hosts have also undergone food safe handling training.


Fizz Kidz strives to maintain a nut-free environment. All foods provided at the Fizz Kidz Venue are nut free (some items state ‘May Contain nuts’)  and we do our best to ensure all food brought into the venue are nut free by alerting parents multiple times about our policy. We are also more than happy to work with you to cater to other allergy related concerns. While Fizz Kidz prioritises child’s safety, and is highly aware of allergic causes and symptoms, Fizz Kidz does not take responsibility if a child has an allergic reaction.


Fizz Kidz has undergone research and testing of all the ingredients used to make the creations. We believe our products are safe and appropriate for children to use and enjoy. In every Fizz Kidz store you will find a list of ingredients which you're welcome to look through and ask questions about.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the Fizz Kidz Managing Director, Talia on 0431379953.

Payment policies

Party Payment

Payment is made at the end of a Fizz Kidz party after our party hosts have counted the number of guest that attended the party. Payment must be made for a minimum of 12 guests. All guests who participate in the creation making process during a party need to be paid for. Children who are in the room however not making creations (such as little siblings) will not be charged for. Cash or card payment method are suitable and will be facilitated by Fizz Kidz party hosts. If payment cannot be made via cash or card, an EFT to the Fizz Kidz account can be processed on the day before leaving the venue.

Party Cancellation Policy

While we would much prefer to not charge for a service that has not been received, please understand that a cancelled party would have otherwise been taken by another customer. A cancelled or rescheduled event may incur the following fees:

$150.00 if cancelled or rescheduled within 3 weeks of the event.

$300.00 if cancelled or rescheduled within 2 weeks of the event.

$450.00 if cancelled or rescheduled within 1 week of the event.

Holiday program payment

Payment for holiday programs can be made prior to drop-off via the Fizz Kidz website. Otherwise payment must be processed upon drop-off via cash or card. If payment cannot be made via cash or card, an EFT to the Fizz Kidz account can be processed.

Holiday Program Cancellation Policy

If you have paid online and can no longer attend the holiday program, please let us know 48 hours before and we will refund you.