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The magic of glitter colour and exploding fun!

Fizz Kidz parties are the perfect and stress-free party for all boys and girls (aged 4 – 12) that your child and all their friends will love!

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Party themes

Our packages help create a personalised party that your child will love.

Whether your child loves all things glitter and sparkles or is amazed by science we have the perfect party for your child!

Create your own parties

Does your child love a little bit of everything?

Not to worry, in this party package your welcome to choose any creation you like! Here you can choose any creation you like!


1.5 hour party

$42 per child

2 hour party

$54 per child

Self catered parties​

Self catered parties


In-store Parties includes

Party Structure

What would a 1.5 hour party look like?


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Fizz Kidz Activity Gift Packs

We have your party gift packs ready!

Looking for party take-home gifts for your guests? We have you covered! Fizz Kidz Activity Kits are super unique and packed with all the materials kids need to keep the creation making going after the party! Your guests will absolutely love you for this super awesome extra treat! Activity packs are $15 each and you can order them a week before your child's party.

If a child is unwell, and can't attend, don't worry - we will only charge you for the kids that are there!

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Fizz Kidz mobile parties

Sit back, relax and we will take care of everything!

Our fabulous Fizz Kidz staff will come to your home or a party venue near you, and run a fantastic stress-free party that we know your child, and their friends will love!