Glitz and glam creations

Glitter face paint

Create their own natural glitter face paint to use for dress ups! Our Fizz Kidz staff love this creation and make it for themselves!

Rainbow bath crystals

This creation involves a three step process, as children make their layered, scented epsom salt box!

Unicorn soap

Did someone say unicorns? This glittery galaxy unicorn soap is as pretty as it gets!

Rainbow soap

Create a three colour rainbow soap. This creation uses a three step process and is great for kids who love colour!

Shining Perfume

Pick your very own scent from our range of 15 scent options. Sneak peak; Jelly Bean Scent, Chocolate Scent, Sweet Vanilla Scent and Green apple!

Sparkling lip-balm

Make your own natural lip-balm… and then make it colourful, sparkling and fun by adding colour, glitter and scents!

Science and fizzics creations

Bugs in Soap

Choose your favourite bugs and hind them in your bath bombs to find later!

Fizzy Bath-bombs (Choose your own colour)

Choose your own glitters and colours to make your ideal bath bomb!

Monster slime

Does your child love all things ‘gross?’ Monster slime is super slimey, messy and a great hands on creation!

Woobly Soap Activity Kit
Wobbly Soap

For the little scientists who like to get messy and jump straight into the creation making process. Make the most amazing Wobbly Soap… that really wobbles!

Exploding Volcanoes

This bubbling creation is perfect for children who love chemical reactions and watching their creation explode!

Bath bomb parties

Fairy Bath Bombs

Fairy bath-bombs involve all things pink! With pink glitter, pink colour dye and a jelly bean scent, this creation is sure to delight!

Expert Rainbow Bath Bombs

Create four different coloured mixtures and create a beautiful rainbow effect! (8 years +)

Expert Watermelon Bath bombs

First create a gorgeous green outline then add the bright pink filling to perfect your watermelon bath bomb. Add a watermelon scent too if you dare!

Expert Galaxy Bath-bombs

This creation requires that little extra detail and care. It’s perfect for expert creation makers who love creating beautiful bath bombs.

Slime, slime and more slime!

Fluffy slime

Fluffy slime is…super fluffy! This creation is perfect for poking slime and making slime spirals!

Galaxy slime

Blend both blue slime and pink slime to create a dark galaxy effect. This slime is also perfect for making slime bubbles!

Fairy slime

Perfect for our Glitz and Glam parties this slime uses pink coloring and pink glitter to delight those pink lovers!

Glitter slime

If your child loves glitter then this creation is the one for them! Also stretchy slime, this slime uses clear glue so we can really see that sparkling glitter effect!

Rainbow slime

Love rainbows? Let’s make a four coloured rainbow slime! (Children 8 years +)

Expert creations  (9 – 12 years)

Sneak peak…. check out the Teen Fizz party package!
Unicorn Bath Bombs
Ombre Crystals
Mermaid Bubble Butter
Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub
Gold Slime