Fizz Kidz after school Art and Makers program

Unleash the creativity within!

Embark on a creative journey with us, conveniently hosted right at your child's school!

Join us and see your child’s imaginations soar as they transform ideas into masterpieces!​

The Fizz Kidz Art & Maker programs is an unique program that offers kids the opportunity to tinker, explore and create!

We focus on EXPLORATION BASED LEARNING centered around FUN!

The Fizz Kidz Art and Makers Program offers kids a unique experience, blending the magic of art with a makers' mindset, inspiring young minds to create, craft and build their imaginative masterpieces.

Our passionate and dedicated facilitators are ready to take your kids through a creative journey where they will learn key skills in design, problem solving, reflection and artistry. We believe in nurturing not only the artist within but also the innovative thinker as our program encourages kids to explore, experiment, and bring their imaginative masterpieces to life!


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Art is captivating

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Hands on learning and experimentation

Fizz Kidz Art Classes

Stress-free after school activity and free trial available


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